KW Realtor Center

What it takes to make it in ANY market!

About Us

Keller William’s Clearwater Market Center is an amazing place – the spirit of helpfulness and cameraderie is unsurpassed in the industry! We work as a team in an business where that is not always standard operating procedure.

We believe in a spirit of abundance: abundance in clients, abundance in lead generating and abundance in sharing our knowledge. Every agent is welcome to learn from their peers as well as to share their special knowledge with everyone else. We welcome every new agent – making sure that they become a part of our team (whether they are mega agents or just starting out!)

Broker – Nikki Ubaldini

Our broker is Nikki Ubaldini, previously of the Mega Gary and Nikki Team. Her wealth of industry knowledge is unsurpassed and the information and training that she provides are unparalleled in the business! Nikki Ubaldini “walks the walk and talks the talk!”Nikki teaches you the Keller Williams principles so that you can implement them in your life and in your business…the only way to go is up…if you can practice what she practices daily, walking the walk and talking the talk!

Team Leader – Samantha Poland

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“Sam” is also the author of, reflections of a real estate coach and trainer – it also features posts about the Clearwater area real estate market.


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