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Q: Can you help grow my business?
A: In a word – YES! Most agents find that their business increases greatly once they learn the lead generating skills that they need to grow it beyond what they are doing today. We have talked with many realtors who have been happy with their previous brokers, EXCEPT that there was no practical training provided on how to increase their market share. They got all the technical help (how to write contracts, how to upload an MLS listing, how to get E&O insurance) they needed but no information on how to grow their business. We focus on helping agents increase their market presence through listings, marketing, networking and other SPECIFIC methods.

Q: Now that I have more business can you help manage it?
A: In the same word – YES! Keller Williams will teach you the models and systems needed to grow your business from what you are able to do with the knowledge you have now. We will help you to structure a plan to continue to increase your income while still servicing the needs of your current clients. Each agent that requests it will receive one on one coaching to make sure that they are on track and doing the things that will help them make more money with less effort!

Q: What makes Keller Williams Clearwater so special?
A: Undoubtedly it is our culture (for those of you who are sick of hearing about how great the culture is, maybe we are not for you! If you are even a little intrigued read on!)

Our agents work together with a spirit of abundance. We know there is a TON of business out there for everyone and by pulling someone else up we grow even more. We all know that different people will hire different agents and that no one person will fill the needs of every client so sharing our knowledge helps the entire group!

Our agents share their knowledge with each other. You do not just sit in a room and watch videos for “education”, our short sale expert teaches her tips and tricks, our FSBO expert tells you EXACTLY how he makes his calls (and even has shadow prospecting from time to time), our marketing specialist shares all her secrets, our contract specialist holds….well you get the picture!

We get outside specialists in to teach us. Lately we have had a number of seminars where we get the Listingbook Reps in to teach their systems, we have had Top Producer come and show us the new upgrades, we have motivational specialists in to talk to us about personality types and how to best work with our clients.

Overall it is our desire to help EVERY agent succeed that makes the difference!

Q: How does KW differ from Traditional Real Estate Companies?
A: Keller Williams is agent focused from start to finish. You can run your business, your way without having to answer to a “broker boss” who wants to tell you how to manage it. Also, your listings are your listings – if you ever leave you take them with you, unconditionally! All the leads you receive from those listings are directed to you – not a person sitting “floor time”. Basically you are a small business owner with all the knowledge, support and benefits that the 4th largest real estate company in the US can provide!

Q: How does KW differ from the 0% / Minimal Fee agencies?
A: As you can understand, if they are not receiving any income (or minimal income) from their agents, these low fee brokerages are not able to provide the service that a Keller Williams Broker can. That is just common sense! Also, there is little or no support or education at these agencies. Keller Williams Clearwater is focused on providing the highest level of service possible, while still being mindful that we profit share as much back to the agents as possible!


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